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    Lapas da Madeira

    Region: Madeira

    Lapa is a gastropod mollusc traditional in Portuguese Gastronomy. This dish is made with grilled lapas specially tempered. This starter was among the 70 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy in 2011.

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    Coelho do Porto Santo à Caçador

    Region: Madeira

    Prepared with Madeira's ingredients, savory, rosemary, sage, onion, dried garlic, wine, wine vinegar, salt and pepper. This dish was among the 21 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy in 2011.

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    Xarém com conquilhas

    Region: Algarve - Olhão

    Xarém com Conquilhas is a portuguese dish that incorporates sea-fresh clams with lard. This dish was among the 21 Wonders of the Portuguese Gastronomy in 2011.

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  • Starters

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    Bôla de Lamego //

    Bôla de Lamego is a typical product from Northest of Portugal, as well as some of the best portuguese smoked meat. Their smoked ham is one of the most important ingredients that constitutes Bôla de La ...more

  • Main course

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    Cozido das Furnas //

    Cozido das Furnas is very similar with Cozido à Portuguesa, with the special particularity that it is cooked underground, using the heat from volcanic activity in Azores. This dish was among the 70 W ...more

  • Drinks

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    Café Expresso //

    Portuguese coffee is a very strong and flavoured coffee. It is served in small cups, usually with sugar, and it is recommended for true coffee lovers. It is also considerably cheap when compared with ...more

  • Desserts

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    Pastel de Nata //

    Pastel de Nata, also known as Pastel de Belém or in english Custard tart, is a Portuguese egg tart pastry made out of egg yolks, which is served fresh from oven, with cinnamon and icing sugar. The mo ...more

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Bolo Rei //

Bolo Rei is a traditional portuguese cake that is eaten for Christmas and Dia de Reis (Kings' Day - January, 6). This cake represents the presents that The Three Kings gave to Child Jesus: gold is rep ...more


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