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    Region: Pinhal Interior

    This recipe takes advantage of the old goat meat in an unique and useful way, cooking in a black earthenware pot. There are many variants of this dish, in some places it is made with mutton or lamb. (...)

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    Empada de Coelho Bravo com Arroz de Pinhão e Passas

    Region: Alentejo

    This dish is constituted by a wild rabbit pie served with rice with pine nuts and dried grapes. The rabbit should be cooked in the night before, to absorb the spices and flavours during the night. It (...)

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    Lapas da Madeira

    Region: Madeira

    Lapa is a gastropod mollusc traditional in Portuguese Gastronomy. This dish is made with grilled lapas specially tempered. This starter was among the 70 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy in 2011.

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    Bôla de Lamego //

    Bôla de Lamego is a typical product from Northest of Portugal, as well as some of the best portuguese smoked meat. Their smoked ham is one of the most important ingredients that constitutes Bôla de La ...more

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    Francesinha //

    Francesinha (meaning Little Frenchie or simply Frenchie in Portuguese) is a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat ...more

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    Vinho Moscatel //

    Moscatel wine is produced in Douro and in Peninsula of Setúbal (the most famous one). Most of the moscatel is sold in a young stage, but during the ageing the wine becomes fruity, with flavours of fig ...more

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    Ananás dos Açores //

    Ananás dos Açores (Pineapple from Azores) is a fruit with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP). Its taste is acidic and intense, and usually it is also sweet. This fruit was among the 70 Wonders of ...more

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Bolo Rei //

Bolo Rei is a traditional portuguese cake that is eaten for Christmas and Dia de Reis (Kings' Day - January, 6). This cake represents the presents that The Three Kings gave to Child Jesus: gold is rep ...more


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